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Advice and Information for Kaiser Lyme Disease Patients

Geographic Distribution of Ticks in the United States - CDC Maps 2012

California and the Pacific Northwest Tick Borne Disease Information

California Department of Public Health


California Lyme Disease Advisory Committee

Epidemiologic Summary of Lyme disease in California, 2001-2008

Lyme Disease in California prepared by Steve Diers, Ranger/Naturalist
An excellent presentation of Lyme disease in California and in general. Includes
information on finding a West Coast Lyme disease doctor. Disease in California handout-Diers.pdf

Tick borne diseases in Santa Cruz County, California Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
University of California, Davis
Kevin Holden, John T. Boothby, Sulekha Anand

County of Ventura, Environmental Health, Lyme Disease

CDC Map - Shows distribution of Lyme disease vectors (ticks) Ixodes pacificus
and Ixodes scapularis by county.
(Note; there are other ticks and insects that are known to transmit Lyme disease or variants of Lyme disease.)

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