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Lyme Disease Activism Sites

Domingo the Lyme Mascot       

November 07, 2014-The Mayday Project Responds to Dr. Paul Auwaerter’s Defense of IDSA Guidelines for Lyme Disease

Lyme Policy Wonk by Lorraine Johnson, JD


“Under Our Skin” blog by Kris Newby
Lyme Disease Network.
A source of archived Lyme disease information and a discussion group.  

The Lyme Disease Foundation by Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner
This was the first site related to Lyme disease activism.
The site appears to be inactive but there is some worthwhile information.
Content has been removed.
International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
Lyme Info is an excellent resource for information.
The site is well-organized and very comprehensive.
Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation
Melissa Kaplan’s Lyme Disease Page;
“An Exercise In Nailing Jello To The Wall”.

Lyme Disease Support Forums is national in scope and includes a number of forums
including General and Support, Medicine and Treatments, Doctor Requests and others.

The Birth Certificate of Kaiser Permanente
This factual and indisputable film reveals the foundation of the Kaiser Permanente health plan and provides a perspective on why
Kaiser will not deal with the complexities and expenses associated with Lyme disease and
other tick-borne diseases.  It was
created by Juperina Stein who was irrepairably harmed by Kaiser.  The film is less than three minutes in length.
This is at YouTube at:

Memorable and Not So Memorable Quotes by Lyme Disease Denialists
This compilation of ludicrous quotes by certain of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
(IDSA) Lyme disease guideline authors, their cohorts, and other Lyme disease denialists was
started by an early Lyme disease activist named Douglas Dodge.  This compilation had not been updated for many years.  Some have been recently added. There are many more that could be

These comments should be preserved so they are not forgotten.

UPI Investigates: The vaccine conflict (and the CDC)
An investigative report by Mark Benjamin, an award winning journalist then with United Press International and now with Time Inc. The report touches on CDC corruption. A section on the
failed Lyme disease vaccine is included.

Geographic Distribution of Ticks in the United States - CDC Maps 2012
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