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Fathima responds to
First Case of Lyme Disease Reported in Cucamonga, California

 October 1, 2012 at 12:19 am (Edit)  

First, you need to identify the tick. If it proves to be a deer tick (aka: black-legged tick) officially refered
to as Ixodes scapularis’, you can proceed with pursuing testing for Lyme, though any embedded tick of
this type found on you in an area where Lyme is a problem, should be considered a high-risk bite that
most likely needs immediate antibiotic therapy (Don’t Wait for the test results, Olga! See your doc NOW!)
As far as getting that Tick tested, either look up or call your local county’s Dept. of Health Human Services.
Also, a call to the nearest University’s Co-op Extension Service is often fruitfull.There is usually atleast
One lab in each state in the Northeast U.S. that will test the tick [for the presence of the Borrelia Burgdorferi
bacteria] but they usually charge somewhere around $45 to $75/ tick often only accept the ticks via express
shipment at the beginning of the week. You can usually order up a kit in advance to ship the sick tick to them.
Don’t expect the results right away it takes a few days to over a week. That’s it!