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Lyme Disease in Oregon                                                                
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Oregon ranks as one of the worst states in the nation to get help for Lyme disease. Over one-fourth of the state’s population is enrolled in HMO’s and standards of care seem to be determined by these entities, Kaiser in particular, and their financial influence on the state’s medical university, Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU). The Oregon Board of Medical Examiners, which includes two members who are not even doctors or in any way involved in medicine, appears to be compliant to their wishes.

Oregon has the distinction of being the first state to investigate a competent and caring doctor for treating Lyme disease patients. One of the Lyme patients of this doctor was a Kaiser member who tried to get his prescription filled at a Kaiser pharmacy. Kaiser filed a complaint with the medical board and the doctor was forced to choose between giving up his Lyme patients or his medical license.

 As a result, because of potential medical board harassment, MD’s in Oregon are reluctant to help Lyme patients.

Contrast this behavior by Kaiser and the medical board with that of Jayant Patel, a Kaiser surgeon who killed
and damaged many patients. Patel had 79 medical complaints filed against him in Oregon and nothing was
done. It was only after he was convicted in Australia in 2010 for manslaughter that the medical board issued
a token reprimand.

Lyme disease information in Oregon is dictated by David Gilbert of Providence HMO.  Dr. Gilbert is
also an advisor to Kaiser and a professor at OHSU.  He is a past president of the Infectious Diseases
Society of America whose Lyme disease guidelines were under investigation by the Connecticut
Attorney General. He is also a known Lyme denier.

To avoid diagnosis, Kaiser takes the added precaution of shipping their Oregon and Washington
Lyme blood samples to a Quest lab in Virginia. This virtually insures sample degradation and makes
the sample worthless.  According to East Coast Lyme doctors, this particular lab seems to have a
reputation for not being able to find Lyme disease in their samples. According to a Kaiser lab nurse,
Kaiser ships blood samples cross-country for any disease they don’t want to diagnose.

It does not appear that this dismal status of Lyme disease (and other tick-borne infections) will be
changing anytime soon. Oregon residents are advised to seek professional help outside of Oregon.


Hard-bodied (Ixoxid) Wood Ticks In Oregon (1978)

Mapping the national distribution of blacklegged ticks in 1998

Where tick-borne diseases are found (from IDEXX a veterinarian testing laboratory)

Animal Cases of Tick borne illness in Oregon by county

U.S. Canine Positive Lyme Map
There have been over 500 reported cases in Oregon in 2007-2008 with a majority being
reported in the Southern Oregon area; however, many cases have also been reported in
the Portland Metro area.

Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation in Ixodes pacificus

Note; Examines genetic variation in tick populations of western states.
Map of areas studied -

State provided information

Lyme Disease
(Note; Some of this information is incorrect and outdated)

Lyme Disease (OHSU)

Lyme Disease – Ticks & Tick Control (OHSU)

Report on Oregon Wood Tick Surveys by Robert Gresbrink, R.S.
Section Director, Vector Control Section, O.S.B.H.
Distribution of tick-borne disease entities with distribution map.



Spiroplasma ixodetis sp. nov., a New Species from Ixodes pacificus
Ticks Collected in Oregon


Canine Zoonotic Diseases in Oregon by Oregon Department of Human Services
(Note the vast discrepancy between Oregon DHS information and the Oregon Veterinary
Medical Association)

The Western Black-Legged Tick, Ixodes Pacificus: A Vector of Borrelia Burgdorferi
(Since this study was done (1982-1984) tick infection rates have risen from the 1.96% reported for
Oregon and 1.13% reported for California)

Incidence of Lyme disease in Oregon by Oregon Dept. of Human Services
(Considerably understates the true incidence of Lyme disease cases in Oregon)

Identifying Adult Hard Ticks Commonly Found On Humans In Oregon

Lyme Disease in Oregon
Journal of Clinical Microbiology, June 2008

Note: The methodology used in this study is highly questionable. Data with regard to tick collection
and analysis is undocumented. Requests for supporting information have been ignored. One of
the authors, David Gilbert of Providence Portland HMO, is a known denier of Lyme disease diagnoses.
Dr. Gilbert was also a past president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America whose Lyme
guidelines were the subject of an antitrust investigation by the Connecticut Attorney General.

A newly identified intraerythrocytic Babesia-like organism, WA1, and its relatives were recently shown
to be infectious for humans in the western United States (1989)

News Articles

January 2016

Lyme Warriors Fight Back

Bitten by the Controversy Bug by Andy Dworkin of The Oregonian

Eugene Weekly articles in response to an original article on Lyme disease by Sarah Hendrickson, M.D.,
in her Viewpoint, “Lyme Disease Rare (in Oregon)” (1/28/2010).


Under Our Skin
Lyme disease often goes undiagnosed in Oregon
By Deedee Schneider MA, LMT

Informed Consent
Patients have a right to pick among conflicting studies
By Theresa Denham

Misdiagnosed for Years
Sickest Lyme patients can have negative test results
By Sarah Blanton

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A Bend woman has chronic Lyme disease

Support Groups

Oregon Lyme Yahoo Group

  Southern Oregon Support Group (SOLD) email SOLD
         Leader SOLD Sharon Lee  

         Co-Leader SOLD Judi Johnston

Benton County Lyme Support.
        Linn-Benton Counties Lyme Support
        Glen & Alene Olson
        Phone: 541-791-6872

Portland Support Group email Portland Lyme Disease Support
          Dave Johnson
          Phone: 503-610-8172

Hood River Support Group email Hood River Support Group
          Pam Ritzenhalter 541-386-5658

Eugene Support, email Eugene Support Group
         Holly Saunders 541-342-3041

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