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September 23, 2014

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal,

When you were Connecticut Attorney General, I performed hundreds of hours of research for your Antitrust Investigation of the
Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Lyme Disease Guidelines. After uncovering numerous conflicts of interest and
corruption associated with this group, I was disappointed to learn that a settlement agreement had been reached.

As I suspected, IDSA made a travesty of your investigation and the settlement agreement. Your subsequent attempt to correct
this with the May, 2008 directive as Connecticut Attorney General to appoint an independent arbiter to enforce the agreement
appears to have been a wasted effort. Nothing has changed.

Not all was a wasted effort. Some of the findings were incorporated in a paper I wrote…
Summary version…
Detailed version...
This paper has been popular around the world.

Some of the findings were also included in a page for Lyme disease information for activists…
I may be adding more in the future.

Perhaps these documents will be useful in future investigations of IDSA. The Centers for Disease Control should also be
investigated for their involvement in this tragedy, particularly the Ft. Collins branch responsible for Lyme disease.

There are medical and scientific people far more qualified in tick-borne infections than the IDSA Lyme disease guideline
 authors. Yet the IDSA authors appear to have totalitarian authority over Lyme disease. There must be some very powerful
and sinister forces at work to empower them and use these guidelines to prevent humanitarian physicians from appropriately
diagnosing and treating Lyme disease patients, with millions affected in the United States and millions more around the world.

This is not about a “medical controversy.” It is about medical corruption.

Why else would this legal guideline, based on limited and restrictive IDSA criteria, be used as a tutorial to take legal action
against doctors who help Lyme disease victims?

This legal guideline is filled with medical inaccuracies. The information is biased and incomplete. A legal defense can be
costly for doctors who do not comply with IDSA guidelines and can cause financial ruin for a physician even if the case is
resolved in favor of the treating physician. The threat of harassment discourages doctors from helping those affected by
Lyme disease.

Federal legislation to protect doctors who treat Lyme disease patients is critically needed. Some states already have this
protection in their laws.

Hopefully, a new administration and a new Congress will permit these injustices to be corrected.

Miguel Perez-Lizano
Battle Ground, WA

Senator Maria Cantwell
Senator Patty Murray
Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler
Other interested parties 
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