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Helpful Information about Lyme disease

20 Reasons Why Lyme Disease Is Underdiagnosed–Summary
20 Reasons Why Lyme Disease Is Underdiagnosed–Full

An excellent informational booklet by the Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern PA.
This is very well written for the newcomer to Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases. 
"Update on Lyme Disease" by Ginger Savely RN, FNP-C is a comprehensive overview written
in a way
the layman can understand the basics.

Lyme disease symptom checklist by North Carolina Lyme Disease Foundation.
Restored here at:

A concise outline of Lyme disease diagnosis, test interpretation, treatment, and coinfections.  

For an excellent presentation on Lyme disease testing (and treatment) see; Steven Harris ILADS
presentation - Augsberg, Germany - May 28, 2011
Strategies for the Treatment of Lyme Disease
A superb and comprehensive presentation on Lyme disease diagnosis, testing, and treatment.

A clear explanation of Lyme Disease Laboratory Tests by Tom Grier, MS 
In Copyright since September 11, 2000